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This Blog tells the story of high sensitivity and all the gifts and challenges that trait entails. It is the story of our journey, mother and daughter, often moving upstream in order to stay in the mainstream.  Our journey offers more questions than answers, but it is our hope that other highly sensitive people, and perhaps the parents who are struggling to raise them in a not-so-sensitive world, will find solace in our story.

Highly sensitives are more prone to anxiety and a host struggles that accompany that.  Is a child born with attention deficit? Or does high sensitivity simply make a person prone to developing it if environmental conditions are less than ideal?  Are these symptoms of a person born with thin skin, too sensitive for a bold and blazon world?

You will hear from both of us alternately, a sensitive mother’s memories of raising a highly sensitive child, and a daughter’s memories of  being that highly sensitive child.  We will also be adding some updates from present day-there is a lot going on- including Brittni’s twin pregnancy (identical girls!)  We invite you to join us on this journey.

Dana (mother) & Brittni (daughter)



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